Press Releases

Rabbi Jack Moline joins call to RNC, DNC to address anti-Muslim bigotry in party platforms

Today a group of Muslim and interfaith leaders, under the auspices of the Islamic Society of North America and the Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign, sent a letter to the Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee urging them to take a stand against anti-Muslim bigotry in their party platforms. Speaking at the press conference where this letter was announced, Rabbi Jack Moline, president of Interfaith Alliance, said the following:

"Yesterday was the birthday of Thomas Jefferson, a man who genuinely needs no introduction. Among the remarkable statements attributed to him were the watchwords of generations: Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Lots of people misunderstand that phrase to be about national security, but I have to remind you that, in that sense, eternal vigilance is also the price of totalitarianism. What Jefferson meant was that we must be vigilant about the human rights that secure the blessings of liberty.

"So I won’t suggest to you some version of 'they came for the trade unionists and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.' My advocacy, Interfaith Alliance’s advocacy on behalf of Muslim Americans is not self-serving. Muslim American enfranchisement is not a privilege, something bestowed through the power and good will of those who can give and take away.

"It is a right – the same right as every citizen, every voter, every Democrat, every Republican. It is part of those unalienable rights that Mr. Jefferson affirmed as the bedrock of American society. And we, as people of faith, faith in God, faith in the goodness of government, faith in our better angels, and faith in the Constitution as the law that binds us all, stand with our sisters and brothers today to declare that we will protect the faith and freedom of every American as fiercely as we protect our own faith and freedom.

"Because it is right. Because it is our right. Because it is their right."

Interfaith Alliance Welcomes Reforms to Protect Religious Freedom of Recipients of Federal Services

WASHINGTON – Today, nine federal agencies released their final rules reforming the policies that govern religious organizations that contract with the federal government, seeking to protect the religious freedom of all those receiving government services. These reforms are the result of may years of lobbying and advising from Interfaith Alliance and partner organizations. Following today’s announcement, Rabbi Jack Moline, released this statement:

“The reforms announced today are a critical part of securing President Obama’s legacy on religious freedom and LGBT equality. No one should fear discrimination or intimidation when interacting with a federal contractor or grantee; no one should be compelled to participate in a religious ritual when receiving government-promised services. These regulations, while not perfect, bring the faith-based initiative closer in line with constitutional principles.

“We will be keeping an watchful eye in the coming months as these reforms are implemented. It is critical that we remember that they were drafted and proposed in the spirit of preventing discrimination and the inappropriate mixing of religion and government. Without a doubt, there will be those who seek to misinterpret these policies to push a narrow, sectarian vision of religious freedom. President Obama and Melissa Rogers are to be commended for advancing this work. However, our work is not done, and those of us committed to the First Amendment must remain steadfast in our efforts to untangle religious organizations and the government. We must fight to end the policy that allows for religious discrimination in hiring by federal contractors and grantees. We must prevent federal funding from being used for any form of proselytization, or subsidizing all kinds of discrimination and bigotry.”

Interfaith Alliance Responds to Donald Trump’s Questioning of Chris Matthews' Faith

WASHINGTON – During an interview today Chris Matthews asked Donald Trump whether he believed women should be punished for having an abortion, Mr. Trump responded by challenging Mr. Matthews about whether he agreed with his own faiths teachings on the issue. While Interfaith Alliance is neither a pro-choice nor pro-life organization, the organization monitors the use and abuse of religion in government and on the campaign trail. Following this troubling interaction, Rabbi Jack Moline, president of Interfaith Alliance, released this statement:

“While answering an important question about whether his position on abortion would include penalties for the women who seek them, Donald Trump, chose to make his answer about the interviewer’s faith, asking Chris Mathews if he was aware of the Catholic Church’s teaching on abortion. All those who cherish religious freedom should be concerned when a candidate for President frames public policy positons around religion rather than the law.

“Chris Matthews’ response powerfully demonstrated what the Constitution asks from all Americans: to consider the secular good for people of all religions while holding true to your understanding of your own faith. And understanding that being true to your faith does not require imposing those beliefs on others by codifying them in to law. Any candidate for public office, much less the highest office in the land, should demonstrate an understanding of the First Amendment’s promise of freedom of religion.”

Interfaith Alliance calls out candidates for abandoning the constitution in favor of political expediency

Washington, DC – Following the tragic bombings in Brussels, Interfaith Alliance president, Rabbi Jack Moline, called on candidates to offer serious solutions to our nation’s safety and security needs rather than offer suggestions that abandon our constitutional principals.

“Yesterday’s bombing of civilian targets in Brussels is another devastating moment in the fight against terrorism. It again reminds us all that we yet face serious threats to our safety and security. And it is a reminder that we need serious leaders with practical solutions that can actually achieve the goal of greater security. Sadly, some of our presidential candidates fell short of that goal yesterday. Instead they chose to use this tragic moment to suggest violating the rights of religious minorities. Senator Ted Cruz suggested that we ‘patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods.” Donald Trump proposed ‘we change our laws’ to allow for torture.

“Our America, the one worth fighting for, protects the rights that are at the very foundation of our democracy, and does not abandon them in the name of political expediency. My appreciation is deep to Governor Kasich, Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders for their constructive reactions.”