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For more than two decades, Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast has been home to some of the most impactful voices in religion and politics, featuring religious and civic leaders including President Jimmy Carter, Rev. Traci Blackmon, Imam Mohamed Magid, and more. This year, The State of Belief entered a new era after the launch of a partnership with Religion News Service, the award-winning publication for global news on religion, spirituality, and culture. Interfaith Alliance and Religion News Service are now working hand-in-hand to expand distribution and reach new audiences nationwide with the diverse voices who are essential to make sense of this urgent moment. 

Since the launch of the collaboration in June, The State of Belief, hosted by Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, has taken on the most pressing issues facing religion and democracy in America. Leaders including Rep. Jamie Raskin and Bishop William Barber II have joined to give their perspective on this challenging period and what still gives them hope. We have sat down with some of the foremost scholars on Christian nationalism, including Katherine Stewart and Andrew Whitehead, seeking to both shed light on the movement’s agenda while discussing concrete strategies for challenging it. And as Faith for Pride 2023 kicked off, Interfaith Alliance’s annual initiative to mobilize faith communities to fight for LGBTQ+ equality, we heard from diverse clergy across the country working in their communities to challenge anti-LGBTQ+ extremism and build more inclusive communities. 

In the weeks and months to come, The State of Belief will continue to convene inspiring religious, civic, and community leaders and activists to share stories and recommendations for how citizens and politicians can work together to cast a vision for a just and welcoming nation. You can listen to past episodes and new episodes every week at