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 Welcome to TIA’s Issues and Advocacy Center

America contains a vast diversity of people, and religion is a facilitator of understanding among them. Real solutions for the problems addressing our nation will come only from people who represent and appreciate this diversity. The Interfaith Alliance is your strong and inclusive voice on Capitol Hill.

In Washington and in the halls of Congress, The Interfaith Alliance:

  • Challenges the manipulation of religion for sectarian or partisan political purposes.
  • Educates legislators and their staff to better understand and appreciate the religious liberty clause of the Constitution.
  • Promotes a partnership between religion and government that preserves the autonomy of houses of worship and ensures that religious institutions are not held accountable to the priorities and interests of federal, state, or local governments.
  • Informs lawmakers that in matters of faith, government must not take sides.
  • Advocates that no citizen’s rights or opportunities should depend on their religious beliefs or practices.
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Find Your Elected Representatives 
Search for information on committees, members, House and Senate leadership, and key congressional officers.

US Senate 
Information on Senate activities, members (including constituent email addresses) and committees.

House of Representatives
Information on House activities, members (including constituent email addresses) and committees.

Congressional Schedules and Activities
Today in Congress
Today’s congressional hearing schedules posted on the Washington Post’s web site.

This week in the House
Read the House Majority Whip’s Whip Notice to find out upcoming events in the House of Representatives.

Current House floor proceedings
Continuously updated summary of floor actions with links to legislative documents.

Today in the Senate
The Senate Majority Whip’s Daily Whip Alert, a summary of the day’s floor schedule.

Congressional Tools
Library of Congress Thomas
Information on bills, laws, and other congressional information.

Congressional Glossary
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White House
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