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Religion and Politics: A Guide For Political Candidates
This resource helps political candidates understand the importance of:

  • Reaching out to religion for personal strength
  • Respecting all religions publicly
  • Not using religion for partisan political purposes

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Religion and Politics: A Guide for Houses of Worship
This resource helps religious leaders during the campaign season understand:

  • The importance of encouraging their members/congregants to vote.
  • Why they should never tell members/congregants whom to vote for.
  • That a partnership between religion and government can and should preserve the autonomy of houses of worship and ensure that religious institutions are not held hostage to the priorities and interests of federal, state, or local governments.
  • That religion’s powerful healing force in politics can be severely compromised when America’s shared values are replaced by values that advance only particular sectarian interests.

LEARN MORE about the National phone seminar held with clergy and the IRS discussing the guidelines of appropriate political activity for houses of worship in an election year.

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Navigating the Intersection of Religion & Politics
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Civic Participation: Voter Registration and Mobilization
Working with our local Alliances and via our web site, we are ensuring that people of faith and good will have the opportunity to exercise their right to vote. Through grassroots voter registration drives and broad email distribution, we are helping all Americans to make their voices heard. Our supporters are attending candidate forums, writing letters to their local papers, and sending emails to campaigns to encourage our public leaders to pay careful attention to their concerns.


Media Roundup: Summaries Of Religious Liberty Issues “In The News” Delivered To You Every Friday. The Media Roundup is your weekly roundup of the week’s current news stories specifically at the intersection of religion and politics. TIA staff comb websites of everything from major daily newspapers to small weekly papers to cable news outlets to bring you up-to-date on how religion and politics is being talked about, written about and bantered about.

Media Roundup
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