Interfaith Alliance’s Five Questions for Every Political Candidate

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As religion plays an increasingly prominent role in American politics, preserving the boundry between religion and government is more vital than ever.

America’s political process can be divisive, and never more so than when candidates use the language of faith to advance their own partisan interests, or when they seek to marginalize religious minorities and emphasize their beliefs as the only truth. Rhetoric like that is unhealthy for politics and for religion.

Many candidates and elected officials have long-standing views on faith and politics and issues related to religious liberty. But in the modern era of campaigns, the news media and the public often overlook or disregard these issues altogether.

From prayer in schools and school vouchers to the faith-based initiative and hate crimes, religious freedom is at stake every day. When you cast your votes this Election Day, we want you to know where the candidates stand on these important issues.

Ask a candidate one of these five important questions. Click on individual question tabs for more information.

  1. What role will your faith or values play in creating public policy or making appointments?
  1. What are your views on the boundaries between religion and government?
  1. What steps will you take to protect the rights of your constituents regardless of faith or belief?
  1. How will you speak about your beliefs without making them just another political tool?
  1. How will you balance the principles of your faith and your obligation to defend the Constitution, particularly if the two come into conflict?