From the grassroots to the grasstops, Interfaith Alliance is committed to advancing an inclusive vision of religious freedom. Our community-based programs empower advocates to face urgent local challenges to true religious freedom, pluralism, and the appropriate boundaries between religion and government. With tens of thousands of members across the country, including more than 75 faith traditions and those of no faith, Interfaith Alliance represents a diverse network of Americans united by our commitment to the Constitution’s promise of true religious freedom.

By championing freedom of belief in your community, you are an essential part of Interfaith Alliance’s efforts to create a more inclusive, more just future for all.

Our Affiliate Network

Our local affiliates mobilize individuals on the grassroots level to protect true religious freedom in their communities. Find an affiliate near you, or contact us about starting an affiliate in your area.

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Grassroots Resources

Interfaith Alliance empowers activists, community groups, and congregations to lead the fight for true religious freedom. Explore our library of resources to learn more about how you can make a difference in your community.

Partnering Against Hate

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