Forward: The Biden-Harris Transition

The inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris heralded a new era for our nation. As the administration tackles the many challenges we face, we’re working to ensure that the constitutional right of religious freedom figures as a central consideration over the next four years.

President Biden and Vice President Harris’s leadership must be restorative as well as forward-thinking, guided by a positive vision of religious freedom that celebrates Americans of all beliefs and experiences. Ahead of their inauguration, over 100 national faith and community leaders urged the transition team to begin this work now by adopting guiding principles.

Urgent action is needed to reframe our national understanding of religious freedom, address the coronavirus pandemic, implement just immigration policies, champion our public schools, promote access to healthcare, and dismantle violent white supremacist groups. Our diversity will be a source of strength as we work together to meet the challenges of the current moment and labor toward a more just world for all of us.

Interfaith Alliance works to promote true religious freedom and strengthen the separation of religion and government – for the benefit of all. Explore our first priorities for the Biden-Harris administration.