Washington, DC – Interfaith Alliance Action president, Rabbi Jack Moline, released the following statement after last night’s second presidential debate:

“Last night’s debate mostly wallowed in a sea of divisive rhetoric. With the nation focused on Donald Trump’s deplorable comments recounting violent acts against women, he chose to dig in rather than show contrition. He chose to further divide our nation rather than bring us together. He chose to parade Bill Clinton’s past across the stage rather than take responsibility for his own actions. This is not the kind of campaign we deserve as a nation.

“The debate did have moments that, if not substantive, were at least enlightening on the divergent views of the candidates. For this organization, most notable was the response from the candidates to a question from an audience member on Islamophobia. Mr. Trump made no attempt to use it as an opportunity to build a bridge to a community he has done so much to unnecessarily disenfranchise. Instead he once again cast Muslims as a threat and praised himself for not being ‘politically correct.’

“Mr. Trump, protecting the rights of American Muslims is not politically correct, it’s the law.”

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