Interfaith Alliance: Anti-Semitism and Dangerous Rhetoric Are Costing Lives

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Following the tragic shooting at the Tree of Life congregation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Rabbi Jack Moline, president of Interfaith Alliance and a rabbi in the Conservative Jewish movement, condemned the shooting and the dangerous rhetoric from government officials that emboldened white Supremacists and neo-Nazis.

“This is an unspeakable tragedy for this congregation and for the Jewish community. The solution to ending gun violence and hate crimes should have happened long before the gunman reached the door of the synagogue this morning. Instead, the president and his supporters point the finger of blame at everyone other than the shooter and ignore their own complicity in emboldening people motivated by hate to take violent actions. This is part of a continuing stream of invective during these first two years of his presidency, he has stood up before the country proudly proclaiming to be a nationalist – a label embraced by white Supremacists and neo-Nazis, labeled everyone who disagrees with him as an enemy of the state and openly stated that there are ‘fine people’ on both sides after deadly anti-Semitic and racist attacks.

“In the past week alone, two black citizens were killed at a grocery store in Kentucky after the shooter was unable to enter a predominantly black church, at least eight Jewish people were shot and killed this morning while celebrating Shabbat, and a dozen political leaders and public figures ridiculed by the president were threatened with pipe bombs.

“The dangerous rhetoric, of which the president is the primary practitioner, must stop before more lives are lost.”