Demanding action after the most recent school shooting left 17 dead and another 15 injured, Rabbi Jack Moline, president of Interfaith Alliance, pushed back on the ideas that is too early to discuss policy solutions:

“I am unwilling to offer thoughts and prayers today. What I have to offer is anger and contempt for our elected leaders who continue to turn a blind eye to gun violence in this country. And I offer resolve to put pressure on those same leaders and do everything I can to keep them on the hook for this. Prayer vigils have their place in comforting those who are mourning, but they are not the solution to this epidemic.

“They will tell us that today is not the day to talk about policy solutions. And they are right, that day was years ago, before Columbine. Before Sandy Hook. Before Virginia Tech and Aurora and Las Vegas. Certainly Parkland. And unquestionably before the epidemic of gun violence started taking from us 96 people per day, most of whom don’t even make the local news.”

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