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“Never doubt the power of a small group of committed individuals to change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

An Interfaith Alliance Meeting is:

An Interfaith Alliance Meeting helps members of The Interfaith Alliance form lasting, influential and active community groups via informal monthly discussions about religion and politics.

These monthly public meetings take place all across the country at 7 p.m. local time, with face-to-face discussions of local and national issues.

Although local volunteers facilitate the Interfaith Alliance Meeting groups, the national staff of The Interfaith Alliance furnishes all the materials necessary for a successful Interfaith Alliance Meeting.  These materials are posted online the third Tuesday of each month. To review current and former Interfaith Alliance Meeting materials please click here.

Joining an Interfaith Alliance Meeting:

Members of The Interfaith Alliance are organizing all over the country. To check out our current group locations and register to attend please click here.

Hosting an Interfaith Meeting:

If there is currently no Meeting group in your area and you would like to help organize one, please email the Central Field Office at

To host an Interfaith Alliance Meetup we ask that you:

· Be a member of The Interfaith Alliance

· Have internet access and comfort with computers

· Agree with the mission of the Interfaith Alliance

· Be willing to host or co-host the Interfaith Alliance Meeting in your area

· Want to help us change the world!

Host an Interfaith Alliance Meeting Now

*The Interfaith Alliance promotes the positive, healing role of faith in civic life, and challenges intolerance and extremism. Rooted in faith traditions the world over, we offer Americans a mainstream, religiously-based agenda committed to individual dignity and the importance of community.