In response to news reports that advisors to President-elect Trump support the creation of a national registry of Muslims, Interfaith Alliance president Rabbi Jack Moline issued the following response:

“The truth is, we don’t yet know what President-elect Trump will do concerning Muslims, and I don’t think he knows either. But we are deeply disturbed by news reports that the Trump administration is seriously considering creating a registry of some or all Muslims in the United States. Profiling millions of people on the basis of religion will do nothing to keep Americans safe, but it will set a dangerous precedent and place the nation on a path toward eroding civil rights and liberties – and not just for Muslims.

“President-elect Trump trafficked in xenophobia and bigotry during his campaign. Now is the time for him to change course and become a President for all Americans by rejecting any sort of registry for Muslims and taking a clear stand against anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant bigotry.”

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