Condemning the Trump administration’s announced plan to tie gender to biology, effectively erasing the legal protections of the transgender population, Rabbi Jack Moline, president of Interfaith Alliance, called the policy change confirmation that the administration had handed the bus keys to the Religious Right:

“The Trump administration plan goes against every tenet of decency, community and inclusion, values we claim to hold as a nation. It is confirmation that the administration has handed the bus keys the Religious Right, helping their effort to codify their particular brand of religion and preserving their license to discriminate issued by Trump’s Justice Department and the Supreme Court.

“The transgender community has borne the pain of harassment and discrimination for decades, while our society slowly progresses toward acceptance. Now, the administration is seeking to undo all of that work with the stroke of a pen, just to score easy points with its base before an election. The administration’s proposal is counterproductive, flies in the face of scientific consensus, and is just plain cruel.”

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