Interfaith Alliance Welcomes Strategy to Combat Antisemitism

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May 25, 2023

Manisha Sunil, West End Strategy Team; Phone: (202) 417-0171

Interfaith Alliance Welcomes White House Strategy to Combat Antisemitism, Releases Accompanying Toolkit
“Mobilizing Against Antisemitism,” a new resource from the organization, was featured in  the Biden-Harris Administration’s U.S. National Strategy to Combat Antisemitism

WASHINGTON—Interfaith Alliance today praised the Biden-Harris Administration’s historic launch of a national strategy to combat antisemitism and released a new toolkit that was featured in the Administration’s strategy. The Administration’s announcement of a whole-of-government approach to curb the rise of antisemitism marks a turning point in the federal government’s commitment to addressing this urgent issue. Cross-community efforts, like those critical to Interfaith Alliance’s mission, were featured as a key pillar of the Administration strategy.

You can access Interfaith Alliance’s toolkit “Mobilizing Against Antisemitism” here.

Interfaith Alliance was built on the idea that all people, regardless of background or belief, have the right to live and worship safely in their communities. Sadly, that foundational promise of inclusive religious freedom is under threat by the scourge of antisemitism, which is on the rise across America. The Mobilizing Against Antisemitism toolkit is designed to enable groups and individuals to join the fight against antisemitism and take tangible action to make their communities safer and more inclusive.

“The machinery of hate driving rising antisemitism in America is designed to divide us. As a national interfaith organization, we are heartened by the Biden-Harris Administration’s comprehensive effort to combat antisemitism and are honored that our own resource was included as part of this effort,” said Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, president and CEO of Interfaith Alliance. “As the great-grandson of the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, I’m acutely aware of the persistence  of antisemitism in this country, and I feel a deep sense of obligation to act now. Today, the White House and people of diverse religious traditions nationwide are sending a strong message that we stand in solidarity with the  Jewish community, and that we are united together in this fight for freedom and safety.”

“The most meaningful and effective way to challenge antisemitism is through education and by building real relationships across lines of difference,” said Darcy Hirsh, senior director of policy and advocacy for Interfaith Alliance. “Regardless of faith tradition or belief, we all must commit to better understanding antisemitism and all forms of bigotry and religious discrimination, and we must work together to build safer, more inclusive communities.”

Interfaith Alliance’s new toolkit illustrates how antisemitism appears in communities across the country today. It goes on to offer educational tools on how to best challenge antisemitism, build community partnerships, and additional resources from Interfaith Alliance’s partners for anyone committed to learning more.

Interfaith Alliance has worked for years to educate the public about the uniquely damaging impact of hate crimes and advocates for policy change to keep our communities safe. In 2021, the organization released a toolkit, Partnering Against Hate, designed to train grassroots communities to combat hate and advance inclusivity at the local level.

Earlier this year, Interfaith Alliance launched a comprehensive report, “Big Tech, Hate, and Religious Freedom Online,” that connects the dots between the First Amendment, our increasingly online lives, and the business practices that promote hate. The organization has also developed a training program to equip faith communities to disrupt hate online.

If you are interested in speaking further with Interfaith Alliance about the toolkit, please contact Manisha Sunil at (202) 417-0171 or