What’s at Stake?
For people who practice a faith, religious beliefs are important and deeply considered thoughts, not just throw-away lines to be glossed over. Using sacred words and ideas to win votes doesn’t just alienate the non-religious; it also disrespects the sanctity of religion for those who do believe. It’s important for candidates to show their true selves to the voters, including their faith and religious beliefs, but a political race should never turn into a contest to see who’s the most pious or who believes the “correct” things in order to win election.

Just One Example
During the 2008 presidential primary season, many of the candidates appeared at houses of worship and used religious language publicly while on the campaign trail. You can see several examples in this video. In 2008, both Democrats and Republicans seem to view people of faith as just another voting bloc.

That’s just one example. Can you think of others? Leave a comment below with your story or post a video response.

What Can I Do?
If you hear a candidate using religious language for political gain, ask him or her why. Explain that you and other voters would rather hear about a person’s political qualifications for office, not religious bona fides.