State of Belief Greatest Hits: Part 1

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Washington June 9 – This Sunday’s “State of Belief,” The Interfaith Alliance Foundation’s show on Air America Radio, highlights the best moments in the show’s brief history. Guests to be highlighted include: Sen. Patrick Leahy discusses Supreme Court nominations; Esther Kaplan explains the power behind the religious right and their goals; NPR correspondent and high priestess of Wicca Margot Adler explains the problems with reporting on religion in current society; and author Chris Hedges tells Welton about a totalitarian movement in the U.S. that is similar to the Middle East.


The show will also include two of its weekly features, Your Voice and Preaching to the Choir. In Welton’s commentary he reminds listeners how the White House office of Faith Based Initiatives is harmful to us all saying, “the president issued several executive orders in his first term that have been bad for religion and bad for democracy.”

In just six months State of Belief has done what no radio show before has by bringing religion and politics together for a helpful discussion. In covering topics from the right-wing takeover of the government and the federal marriage amendment to the environment and the economy Welton has opened the doors for dialogue among religious leaders and politicians as well as all Americans.

“I knew the concept of our show was a good one,” said Welton, “but I had no idea it would be widely embraced across the country. Each week I hear from people who listen to it on the radio, iPod, or computer and their reaction is amazing. Our discussions have sparked conversations at work, in the home and in houses of worship and I could not be more pleased.”