Faith & Freedom Society

Interfaith Alliance’s Faith & Freedom Society brings lead donors together as a committed force on behalf of our democracy and its guarantee of religious liberty.

The first and foremost benefit of belonging is a sense of pride for doing the right thing. The Faith & Freedom Society is the foundation on which we stand, together, to protect religious freedom.

We are proud to represent you, and welcome your participation and thinking. In the meantime, we pledge to keep you informed and engaged in our shared effort to preserve the distinctly American right to worship as we choose.

$1,500The Vice President’s Circle
$5,000The President’s Circle
$10,000The Director’s Council
$25,000The Chairman’s Council

Faith & Freedom members will enjoy:

  • Copy of our Annual Report
  • Access to local and national Interfaith in Action events
  • Volunteer and convening opportunities
  • Quarterly briefing memos
  • Personal email and telephone access to Interfaith Alliance