Supreme Court Sides with Religious Right in Church Funding Case

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In response to today’s Supreme Court decision in Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer, Interfaith Alliance president Rabbi Jack Moline issued the following statement:

“Today’s decision sets a dangerous precedent for religious freedom in the United States. On its face, the case is about a playground, but it’s really a stalking horse for a radical agenda that runs directly counter to core constitutional principles.

“Four of the justices backed language restricting the purview of the case to the specific matter at hand – playground resurfacing – but the larger decision threatens to undermine Establishment Clause and state restrictions preventing taxpayer dollars from subsidizing religious activities. The Religious Right is seeking to strip away these protections and gain access to taxpayer dollars to directly fund religious schools and institutions.

“This case was driven by Alliance Defending Freedom, a virulently anti-LGBT group that works to undermine church-state separation. They envision a future where the U.S. government is run by and for right-wing Christians. That is not a vision shared by the American public or the Constitution.

“Interfaith Alliance remains committed to genuine religious freedom – not discrimination disguised as freedom. We will spare no effort in upholding the integrity of the First Amendment.”