Statement of Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy
President of The Interfaith Alliance
On Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney’s Remarks on Faith in America

Washington, D.C. – Governor Romney should be commended for taking religious liberty so seriously. This speech is exactly the kind of conversation that we would hope candidates running for president would have with the American people on the role of faith in public life. While I may disagree with some of the points made in the speech, including his lack of acknowledgement of the values and contributions of the non-religious among us, I appreciate the overall tone. Now, Governor Romney must live up to the standard he has set for himself and, along with other candidates from both parties, stop the erosion of religious liberty in America.

To assist candidates in talking about religion in a campaign, The Interfaith Alliance Foundation has developed a guide on running for office in a multi-faith nation. The guide can be viewed at

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