VA Gov. Northam Should Resign

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Reacting to the racist photo found on the medical school yearbook page of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, Rabbi Jack Moline, president of Interfaith Alliance, issued the following statement calling on the governor, who yesterday said he was in the photo, to resign:

“Racism is an insidious scourge on this country that takes many forms. And let’s be clear that the photo of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is racist. While I take him at his word that the photo does not represent the values he holds today, it makes him no less complicit in a culture of racism that continues to pervade this country. At this point, the governor can best serve his constituents by stepping aside. I believe in forgiveness, and I believe the governor is sincere in his apology. He may yet have a role to play in fighting racism in this country, but it can’t be from the governor’s office. “