Take Action

Interfaith Alliance is committed to protecting the integrity of religion and democracy in the United States. We are focused on bold national policies and invite you to join us in speaking out to policymakers, urging immediate action. Reach out to your members of Congress today!

Tell Congress: Oppose Dangerous Anti-LGBTQ+ Provisions in the Federal Budget.

URGENT: Extremist members of Congress are working to insert dangerous anti-LGBTQ+ provisions into a must-pass spending bill, threatening to shut down the government. Contact your representative today and demand oppose all attacks on LGBTQ+ people in the federal budget.

Tell Congress: Support the Freedom to Vote Act!

People of faith and conscience have for generations worked to advance an inclusive democracy where every person, regardless of background or belief, has the power to exercise their vote. The Freedom to Vote Act is historic legislation to strengthen voter access and prevent efforts to undermine our electoral system. We need your help honoring that proud legacy today. Tell your members of Congress: Pass the Freedom to Vote Act.

Tell Your State Lawmakers: Don’t Bring Public School Chaplains to My State.

The Texas Legislature recently passed a troubling new law that allows school boards to create public school chaplain programs. We know that this legislative effort won’t be limited to Texas. Join Interfaith Alliance and the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty in organizing NOW before it spreads to more states. Add your name to the petition.

Tell Your Member of Congress: Co-Sponsor the Equality Act!

Every one of us should be able to live free from discrimination. Unfortunately, Christian nationalists and their allies are waging an all-out war against our LGBTQ+ siblings, weaponizing faith as a license to discriminate. Tell your Members of Congress: Co-sponsor the Equality Act. Together, we can make our vision of an inclusive democracy a reality.

Tell Your Representatives: Support the Women’s Health Protection Act

URGENT: The right to reproductive freedom is hanging in the balance for millions of Americans – but Congress has the power to enshrine crucial federal protections into law. Contact your representatives today and urge them to support the Women’s Health Protection Act.