Countering Hate and Discrimination

All people, no matter where we live or who we are, deserve to feel safe and welcome in our communities. But all too often, the lives of our friends and neighbors are forever changed by hate-based violence and discrimination. With hate crimes at unparalleled levels and the threat of Christian nationalism on the rise, now more than ever, we must join together to make clear that hate has no place in our communities.

Interfaith Alliance joins in solidarity with our community members who face hatred and discrimination, with the knowledge that our freedoms are inextricably bound together.

Interfaith Alliance leads in pushing back against hate and creating safe, healthy communities.

Interfaith Alliance is a leading expert in fighting hate and discrimination against religious, ethnic, and racial minorities, understanding that safety, dignity, and equity are integral to building healthy, flourishing communities. This work has been core to Interfaith Alliance’s mission since its founding 30 years ago, including outspoken advocacy in opposition to the 2017 Muslim Travel Ban and support of landmark federal hate crimes legislation, including the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009 and the Jabara-Heyer NO HATE Act of 2021.

Interfaith Alliance is working together with coalition partners and stakeholders across the country to respond to the increased instances of religious and ethnicity-based hate and rhetoric through dialogue, education, and media, and continues to pursue policy priorities to ensure accurate hate crime reporting and data collection.

We affirm that we are stronger together.

At a moment when our interfaith relationships are facing unprecedented strain, we are reminded that it is precisely those relationships built on solidarity and trust that have sustained us in working to build a more resilient, inclusive democracy for all.

We invite you to join alongside us and sign our pledge affirming our Interfaith Community Principles.

Partnering Against Hate

For those new to grassroots work, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Partnering Against Hate, a project of Interfaith Alliance, is designed to help guide groups and individuals who want to do more to make their communities safer and more inclusive.

Mobilizing Against Antisemitism

In recent years, we have witnessed a steady rise in anti-Jewish hate crimes and incidents, as well as an increase in alarming rhetoric. Now more than ever, we recognize that all communities must come together to root out hate where it exists.

Challenging Christian Nationalism

The Christian nationalism of our current moment draws on centuries of exclusionary rhetoric and violence. We refuse to cede ground to activists who would privilege certain Christians above all other Americans. Learn more about this growing movement and how you can push back.