All people, no matter where we live or who we are, deserve to feel safe and welcomed in our communities. But all too often, the lives of our friends and neighbors are forever changed by hate-based violence. As an organization committed to combating religious discrimination and bigotry, Interfaith Alliance is acutely aware that hate groups are becoming more vocal, visible, and violent. Now more than ever, we must join together to make clear that hate has no home in our communities.

For those new to grassroots work, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Partnering Against Hate, a project of Interfaith Alliance, is designed to help guide groups and individuals who want to do more to make their communities safer and more inclusive. Explore the materials below to find out more.

Legal and legislative efforts to address hate-based violence are key tools to keep us safe. But equally essential are grassroots efforts that confront bias and bigotry on a local level. Religious congregations and faith groups are uniquely positioned to push back against hateful rhetoric by providing an alternative message of love and inclusion. In accordance with our most sacred values, each one of us has an obligation to act to protect our friends and neighbors.

Partnering Against Hate was made possible with generous support from the family of Anne Hale Johnson in her memory.

Partnering Against Hate Toolkit

Take the first step in mobilizing to challenge bias and bigotry. The Partnering Against Hate toolkit is designed to provide groups and individuals with the tools they need to make your community safer and more inclusive.

Download Individual PDFs

Each component of Partnering Against Hate is available as an individual, printable PDF.

Hate Crimes Explainer
Setting a Baseline
Reflection and Discussion
Roadmap to Partnership