The “Other” Walter Cronkite: a Photo Retrospective

Walter CronkiteMost of the country knew Walter Cronkite as “the most trusted man in America.” At Interfaith Alliance, members and staff knew a different man, one who was passionate about the Constitution and the individual integrity of both religion and government. Take a moment to look back with us at “the other Walter Cronkite” – Interfaith Alliance’s Walter Cronkite…

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Gov. Jindal’s Church Hopping Chopper Breaches Government-Religion Boundary

Gov. Bobby JindalLouisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s taxpayer-funded church visits received much attention this September. Using $45,000 of taxpayer money to fly a state helicopter to 14 services during a five month period clearly breached the boundary between religion and government. 

Gov. Jindal claimed these trips were about talking to citizens, yet he only visited churches and only made these trips during times of worship. A public official making this many appearances at houses of worship should immediately raise a red flag.

In a letter to the Louisiana governor, Rev. Gaddy requested that Jindal issue an apology to the people of Louisiana, reimburse the state treasurer the money that was spent on his transportation to worship services, and also asked why Jindal talked to citizens during “services of sacred worship.”  Rev. Gaddy’s letter explained to Jindal the many problems with this use of taxpayer money:

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Inside Interfaith Alliance: New Staff Members, Your FAQs and Recycling Technology

ArielleWelcome, Arielle!
We welcomed our newest staff member in August and couldn’t be more pleased to have her on board! Arielle Gingold is our new Public Policy Manager, and if you call with a question about your membership, she’s likely the one you’ll be talking to about that as well. Arielle is a 2008 graduate of The George Washington University here in Washington, D.C., where she studied political science. After graduation, she spent a year working as a Legislative Assistant at the Religious Action Center, so she’s already well-versed in the critical issues at the intersection of religion and politics today, and has a keen understanding of what we need to do to protect both faith and freedom in our society.

FAQ from you: 501(c)(3) vs. 501(c)(4) – what’s the difference?
Chances are you’ve noticed a difference in our requests for donations this year, namely an emphasis on the fact that your gifts are now tax-deductible. If you’re wondering what changed, read on.

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A Quiet Conversation

Same Gender Marriage and Religious FreedomIn our newest publication, Same-Gender Marriage & Religious Freedom, Rev. Gaddy has written an extraordinary piece that calls for a deepening discussion on what it means to be an American, specifically when it comes to the issue of LGBT equality. He asks that we shift our perspective on same-gender marriage from that of problem to solution and that we look to the Constitution to inform our opinions.

His work creates a new space for us to have these important conversations and he makes room for everyone, regardless of where they are on this issue. It is an extraordinary work, one that has prompted interest from our affiliates, mainline and minority faith traditions, the media, local chapters of PFLAG (Parents & Friends of Lesbians and Gays), Mormon organizations, advocacy groups, a governor and even the U.S. Consulate General of Hong Kong and Macau. We have distributed more than 2,500 booklets by mail and thousands more have been downloaded from our website. (You can download your copy here.)

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Spotlight on…Interfaith Alliance of Colorado

In a year of financial challenges for all non-profits, Interfaith Alliance’s Colorado Affiliate added 100 new members, held its largest interfaith music festival to date with 300 performers and 800 attendees, and had a major impact on state issues.  With help from the Board and general members, Interfaith Alliance of Colorado has over the years testified in the state legislature, spoken at public forums and raised awareness of Interfaith Alliance’s work across Colorado.

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