Reproductive Justice

Reproductive freedom is an essential part of religious freedom. Various religious traditions approach matters of reproductive health care differently, including medical and medication abortion, and Interfaith Alliance stands in firm opposition to governance rooted in one particular faith perspective. 

Unduly restricting access to all medically and scientifically proven methods of abortion, including medication abortion, violate fundamental principles of individual liberty, freedom of conscience, and seek to impose one religious viewpoint on all. These restrictions also have a disproportionate impact on marginalized communities, such as communities of color, adolescents, and those in underserved geographic regions. All people should have the ability to make decisions based on their own beliefs and circumstances, rather than encountering restrictions based on one theological view.

Interfaith Alliance works to uphold reproductive health access and justice for all through our public policy work and advocacy in the courts through amicus briefs and public statements.

Read the full amicus brief here