Washington, D.C. – Speaking at a campaign event in Iowa yesterday, Donald Trump told the crowd, “Raise your hand if you’re not a Christian conservative,” and then asked if those who raised their hands should be kicked out. Interfaith Alliance Action president Rabbi Jack Moline and Interfaith Alliance of Iowa Action Fund executive director Connie Ryan issued the following statement in response:

“A candidate who has already proposed discrimination against minorities doesn’t get to joke about discriminating against others. Donald Trump’s comments on Wednesday, whether in jest or serious, are outrageous.

“The suggestion that those who don’t fit into a conservative Christian mold have no place at his rally is not just un-presidential, it’s un-American. Donald Trump has built a campaign around pandering to his base at the expense of others – Hispanics, Muslims, women and others.

“Today we add those of us who are not conservative Christians to the list. Fortunately, the groups Mr. Trump seems willing to cast aside make up the majority of this great and diverse nation.”

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