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 This Sunday, May 28, on The Interfaith Alliance Foundation’s radio show State of Belief, Rev. Welton Gaddy takes an in-depth look at the role of faith and religion in protecting our environment with several leaders in the field. This dialogue hit the mainstream news in February when a coalition of evangelical leaders sponsored an initiative pushing for environmental action.

Gary Gardner, Director of Research at the WorldWatch Institute and author of the book Inspiring Progress: Religions’ Contributions to Sustainable Development, explains why religion is “an indispensable factor in achieving a sustainable world. Religion can help us rethink some of our roles and move them up the ladder.”

Welton talks with Chief Jake Swamp of the Mowhawk Nation, founder of the Tree of Peace Society, about the value of preserving our planet for generations still to come and shares a traditional Mohawk prayer for the Earth. Chief Swamp also gives his advice to the President about the environment.

“I would advise [President Bush] to look his children in the eyes and say to them, ‘The decisions I make today…will not hurt my grandchildren.’”

The show will also feature Bob Edgar, General Secretary of the National Council of Churches and Rev. Claire Butterfield, head of Chicago’s Faith in Place.

This issue is extremely important to people of faith and is at the center of debate on what are the next steps to improve our planet for the future. State of Belief is committed to keeping this issue on the front burner and encourages everyone to do what you can in local communities to increase knowledge of global warming.